He Sobs​.​.​. Now He Clops

by Soup the Eagle



Peak Freak wanted someone to make an album with the title "He Sobs... Now He Clops" in reference to the influential Chick Corea album "Now He Sings, Now He Sobs" and I decided to do just that...

I already had "Wingboners"... so why not stretch my songwriting to its limit and write and record three more songs with stripped down arrangements IN A SINGLE DAY? It was a challenge, but fruitful I think. Most of this stuff is one take deals, so please pardon. But the result it raw, expressive and hilarious. I decided to cover all the bases I could with this and hint at a lot of different styles and even have a ballad at the end.

Please enjoy, the low quality download: . Any donation/purchase is ALWAYS appreciated


released May 23, 2012

Music: Soup the Eagle / Connor Pelkey
Art: abluskittle.deviantart.com


all rights reserved



Cyril the Wolf Allentown, Pennsylvania

Connor Pelkey is a multi-instrumentalist & vocalist who enjoys creating a wide variety of music. Cyril the Wolf primarily focuses on Metal/Hard Rock with a Progressive slant. Lyrics range from thought-provoking to stories from worlds close to home, and far away. ... more

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Track Name: Wingboners
If we get hit with fright
Or we're gettin' heavy in the night
It's not that there's something wrong
I just can't seem to get along without
They're a real knock out (ow dude what?)
Make my feelings known about

In a club, or maybe a pub
Was just tryin to get some cider and grub
When walked in a cute filly
Her shaking flank made me silly

Then I heard that "POMF"
And if that wasn't enough
My friend next to me was hit in the jaw
And that cute little filly saw m wy

This is a problem I wish I never had
But if It went away then I'd be sad
Cuz it feels so good
Cuz it feels so good

Cuz they're

Just make me want to shout (in bed?)
Wing boners
I dunno what I'd do without
Track Name: Unicorn Horns
Magical magical
Friendship is magical
Also with benefits
When the connection is sexual

Cuz unicorns
Touching horns
is something more
Than anypony wants to admit

Horny by nature
It's just a feature
They wear proudly
and loudly parade about
Casting spells to remove the doubt

Cuz unicorns
Touching Horns
Is something more
Than anypony wants to admit
With fetlocks unshorn
At their core
Are horny and mostly love it

Rarity may seem real proper
But give her horn a rub
Twilight too, it's no shocker
That they all just want some love
If you know what I mean...
Track Name: Princess Molestia
Princess Molestia
Come on over and I'll test ya
You look like you need a helping hoof
You make my love shoot through the roof

Raiser of the sun
But she's got a bum
That makes me wanna run
and make her
I really like her sister
I just wanna frisk her
Royal alicorn's get my jimmies in a twister


So you've lived over 1000 years
But this stallion has got the gear
I know you say you've seen it all
But ohhhh baby I'm kinda tall
On princess I'm on my knees
Let me in your room ooooh baby please.


Maybe I've overdone my self you got me beat
I should have known you'd bring the heat
Princess of the sun you make me swoon
Especially with your giant moon

Princess molestia
You passed the test I gave ya
Now need a helping hoof
My eternal wingboner is the proof
Track Name: Down to Earth
"You know, when I started this whole thing...
it was all about the wings
But then I met you filly, and you're just...

You know when we first met
I ignored you and went on my way
Was so focused on what you lacked
I couldn't see, all the things that you had
But you were so honest with me
Didn't try to be something you weren't
When I was done playing the pegasus game
And the unicorns started looking the same...

You were...
Down to earth
No need to prove your worth
Down to earth
Still amazing without the perks

You don't need to tell me why
You stuck by my side in spirit
Waited patiently
Now you're all I need

You were...

You made love grow
Seeds that you sow
Mistress of my heart
I was yours before the start...
You knew just to wait
It was all fate
Cutie marks tell us our calling
But nothing told me I'd be falling
in love... with you.

Cuz you were...