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Sands of Time

by Cyril the Wolf

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unkoj thumbnail
unkoj A solid album, and the already made comparison to Iron Maiden feels entirely appropriate.

Now, it isn’t easy for me to pick any specific ‘favorite’ track—generally. Not in this case, though: the titular “Sands of Time” was pretty much the reason I’ve become interested in Cyril in the first place.

I’m also seizing this opportunity to note a parallel or two between “From Our Fate” and Letov’s “Zoo,” though (as only to be expected) the former takes a much more positive turn than the latter. Favorite track: Sands of Time ft. Calcos.
Sakura Magika
Sakura Magika thumbnail
Sakura Magika This reminds me of Iron Maiden in all the right ways. Every track delivers something new and exciting. Favorite track: Lonely Melody.
PeKaNo thumbnail
PeKaNo Amazing CD, buy it if you can ;) Favorite track: The Night Seeker (New Moon).
ganondox thumbnail
ganondox With heavy as hell songs like The Surrogate, softer songs like Lunar Cycle, epic songs like Sands of Time, groovy songs like Here I Am Again, and songs that mix it all up, this is Cyril's best album yet. Favorite track: Angel's Fly.
Psyclepath thumbnail
Psyclepath Lyrics are awesome. So is the singer, creating a unique and beautiful album: but not without its heaviness. Favourite track was a tough choice and there were several other nominations. Favorite track: Lunar Cycle (Waning Crescent).
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Calcos: When time flows but leaves you behind left with scars in your mind Mercy doesn't leave a trace You feel like you're simply a disgrace External forces don't care who people are The wheels of fate just do their part Cyril: The pattering of a sticky rain The sound fills you with disdain For yourself, you fight tears of shame You lose strength, cry against the window frame External forces don't care who people are The wheels of fate just do their part, Tearing us all apart Calcos & Cyril: With all the pain The memories remain It doesn't mean that we're not just grains Flowing in the sands of time Cyril: Oh, we can never see what keeps us alive A strong will teaches us to survive Doubting only tells us to die No, We don't measure fate, we keep track of time Wasting away counting our dimes We can't tell a truth from a lie We watch the river flow leave souls behind Feeling only scars in our minds We wish we could go back just to find Our dreams that we flew in the sky Calcos: But still... External forces don't care who people are The wheels of fate just do their part, Tearing us all apart Calcos & Cyril: Still there's pain And memories remain It doesn't mean that we're not just grains Flowing in the sands of time Don't you see? The world can't hear your pleas Just keep your hope; dare to take a stand; flow against sands of time
What defines you? Mane a starry blue. Darkness your venue. Canvas of infinite view. Goddess of the night The moon shines its light Each star shimmering bright Inspiration fills my mind w Luna, show me the way I’m blinded during the day Luna, the luminescence you cast Melts away the regrets of the past A limited palette It doesn’t show it Mathematically perfect A beautiful set So you're still in my dreams Guiding my path so it seems I'm never alone Your soft light glows Please don't leave Luna, princess of my dreams
The story starts with the Princess of the Moon Before she went insane, wanted everypony's doom? When the ponies ignored her and slept instead of played Luna sought some attention and made her royal day Lunar Harvest Dress as what lived in the shadows For acceptance She scared them if spirits ran low Time passed The facade was forgotten Her form was feared as a legend Luna broken and beaten Became what ponies believed in * It's Nightmare Night, Shut your doors tight Don't pause in fright or you'll feel the bite Of Nightmare Moon She'll take your life Or so they say... Once every year isn't enough to stop the pain The time she spent on her sky felt like it was in vain The mask that she wore on every Lunar Harvest Became the one she used in? her conquest Nightmare Night Dress as the evil from the shadows Only Moonlight Now the ponies will all know * Everfree creatures Are roaming free So say the legends Of the Nightmare's decree *
Another day goes by Without any changes Beneath a blank blue endless sky The light bleaches all to gray I trip and fall in the dust My throat thirsts for a flood Why was I left here to die My wings are broken I can't fly During the night I can no longer stand I hear her voice calling beyond the sand She gives me hope though it's been so long... I need to hear her song... again. I remember when I didn't fight Looked up the the night lived by moonlight But then it seemed I was the only one Who preferred th e dark to the bright sun The moon was through with being ignored So she recruited me to fight in her war Now I see her face etc hed in her sphere In this desert of sorrow I shed a lonely tear Exiled to this scorching land When her ambition proved to be too grand My eyelids grow heavy I have not much longer Her voice rings my head growing steadily stronger No more lies... I tell no lies... Why It's always night when I cannot stand (in thi s land) Her voice sings on when my eyes fill with sand (understand) I hope she remembers though it's been so long (so long) And I can hear her song. I need to hear her song... again. Now reborn: The dream warden lives for harmony The dream warden lives for night
Lost amidst the forest green In darkest memory I wait silently Satisfaction never seen And as I wait to be Forever saved, for ever free A Nightmare breathes in me (Chorus) And you broke my jealous heart I was nothing in your shade Now I'm back to claim my part In the cycle we have made. So you beg for me to love So you seek forgiving lies Yet a thousand years above Seems like nothing in your eyes Time never flies And I faced your fury once Never doubt I'll do it twice And when you see me now I will not be half as nice. In the shadows I will wait Under empty, haunted moon You wanted me to call it fate But I know that it was you. (Chorus) And you tore my life away Though I am your flesh and blood I would hope that you had changed But I know you never could So I'll strike you from afar, I will unmask each disguise Show the world just who you are Bring the truth before their eyes. Time never flies. So you beg for me to love So you seek forgiving lies Yet a thousand years above Seems like nothing in your eyes The forest is my home I never could forget How you left me all alone But it isn't over yet All the power in my soul It was nothing in your power A millennium's control It will end this very hour I will tear apart your lies
The Lunar cycle controls the tides Affecting the currents running our lives Though we all say we miss the sun When the day is done Though we all admire it's beauty We never share our love, absolutely It's the world, all of life. It's gravity Cycles and reflects our socitey Sitting in the night A shivering slender crescent Silently watching Our Dreams Floating in the night A pale and slender crescent Purposefully turning Our Dreams Living a lunar life
The Haze 03:47
Flying lower than your expectations Choking because of smoke inhalation Can’t break above the smog of yourself Kept in a box on your own private shelf If you get pulled out you recoil The sun burns your skin dirty and soiled Flailing against the saving grasp But they don’t let go and you gasp * Above the pollution the air is pure Cleansing and bathing you in its cure As soon as you might find your wings Beware for below there are evil things Mechanical monsters moving malign Melting in mayhem below the line Of darkness that covers our once perfect land Slowly making glass from the sand Rise and stay above the blackened sewer Before our numbers grow fewer and fewer Choked to death by our own wicked ways So that only we can hope to remove it’s haze * So many things And we wish that we could start anew It's true... But the Cycle repeats
Wanting More 04:22
Nothing is worse than a life unlived A soul that has aged but with nothing to give A state of a affairs where comfort is king Give up your freedom and receive everything Running in place you always stay Trapped in a cyclical pace everyday Try to break the pattern and get beaten down Swim without help and you'll surely drown *Is life in poems, in verse or a line? Is it novel or something more unkind? Does it matter when you’re never sure It doesn’t matter when it’s all a blur* When there is written nothing In your book of 10,000 pages It leaves you wanting more…. You try to take the world But you can’t fair well on your own You try and beat the rest But 1 in a million is 1 in 6 It ends faster than it begins Tear them down and shut the door Trying to avoid that worthless fate Tired of the circle of "make life wait" * There is written nothing In Death’s book of 10,000 pages It leaves you so dry and beaten It leaves you wanting more It makes you cry for more … Lies turn the table in a war where everyone wants to score And Lord I know I want to finish right here but There’s a little bit to understand my friend The devil’s never on the level in the end Now you’re given a livin’ for somethin’ more Turn the tables on the theivin' to even the score Shout it out loud, grin and not frown ‘Cause they wanna steal your soul and leave you to drown. A child, a man, or a woman in life All have to deal with trials under a knife But it didn’t matter when they could not be sure When you thought there was nothing In life’s book of 10,000 pages It left you so dry and beaten It left you wanting more Nothing seems to numb the pain Every blow shakes to the core It's not the life you want to live So you're still left wanting more
Just another night we thought May as well go on a bartrot Get a taste of some different places Meet some new and familiar faces Berry Punch and a few our friends Drink until the night never ends All of the bars don't know what went wrong Then we found the guy that knew our favorite songs Chorus We're all wonderin' We're all stumblin' We're all makin' the nightlife as we trot Down in the Basement beneath the pavement We're drinkin' in what Steve's brought us See the bits thrown on the bar As Steve makes up a sidecar Hear stories of things he's seen While the drinks we have are licked clean One last drink, because the hour is late We wish that the clock was up for debate One last toast miss each other a lot We'll remember this Baltimare Bartrot Chorus
Here I go again Leaving my old Station Passing through the north Westward bound I am I'll follow the tracks Never sure of the end The sun, the fixed part of life... Apart from the daily grind Entering the tunnel never sure of the end Following the tracks Until the dark and light blend Here I go again... Here I go again... Here I am again Coming to a station Leaving the past behind Looking to the tracks ahead I'll follow my life Thousands of days to find The sun, the new part of me Apart from the daily grind... Exiting the tunnel never sure of the end Continue on the tracks Until evening sets in Here I am again... Here I am again Here I am again
Through all of this pristine land I can't seem to find the grain of sand who will stand beside me Though I am in a sea of Love I can't find a dove Who will open up my heart And I can't find you I am looking for anyone To be one I can confide All of the things held inside CAN YOU HEAR ME? This is my final cry Who can fill the hole I have inside?! I am just a spirit Floating on these melodies There has to be another song Who can be a part of me If there is I can't hear it The music of my other half The soul to complete me Or is nothing even near it? And I can't find you
Angel's Fly 05:05
All the Angels Fly Away as the world Burns But the fire meets the sky And no one's left to learn Such denial and excuse No one can see the truth Millions are dying from the abuse Crash to the ground from a state of blis Can't deny that you've let things go amiss From the trap of your own iron fist Idiosyncratic, automatic neo-progressive politics Too semantic, there's no logic, going d own with the heretics Way to static, not erratic, all across the demographic (it’s) So magnetic, electronic, making systems become robotic There’s no feeling in these dealings, so why are they all still reeling It’s not really all those leading when we all are still there voting People screaming for a meeting, everyone wants to see some impeaching They’re not reading, over-feeding, gluttons who say they aren’t falling (and so) the liars build their own pyres and burn within all the fires They say the less you have the more you will recieve it hasn't happened yet So who can we believe The liars are kept up in the sky Until the sun burns their fake wings Every acid tear they cry Is just what their lies bring Crash down on the ground from your place of bliss Your ignorance let things go amiss Pay the price of your iron fist Live with all you left in the ditch Violently, consequently we all still think so eloquently Perceptively we are quite lively, but really live quite perilously (but) Supposedly we see all of these, but cannot properly focus to be Obliviously, we stay in the dream, though this ignorance has a fee (still) all the liars build their own pyres and burn within all the fires All the angels fly until the fire meets sky All the angels fly til the sun burns them and melts away their lies


This album is called Sands of Time becuase it is music written from as far as 7 years ago in 2006, to some songs I wrote in October 2013.

I have always written what I wanted to, with the exception of the commissioned tracks. In 2011 I started writing about characters in My Little Pony: Friendship as Magic and it really galvanized my creative spirit in a way that I still can't believe. It also made me realize how much I love the moon even moreso than in years past so that's why tracks 2-7 are part of a song cycle called "Phases of the Moon" to tribute to my favorite character in the show.

I have to thank everyone who has helped me a long the way through my last two records up until now. It's a lot of work to get one of these put together and the fact that I tend to pull them together in 6-9 months is sort of stupid so I probably will take a break for a bit after this one.

I'd like to specifically thank my fiancee for putting up with me, Forest Rain for his timeless advice, d.notive for assisting me with certain production things (even if he doesn't know it) Dream Weaver... TOO MANY PEOPLE!!. I'd like to thank. My friends over at all of the "pony media" outlets who support my music within those circles. To, all of the fans who look at my music for what it is, and felt the stories a long with me thanks :)


released November 15, 2013

All Lyrics, Engineering, Vocals - Cyril the Wolf
Track 1 - Orchestra/Piano - Baschfire; Extra Lead Vocals - Calcos
Track 3 - Backing Vocals - Forest Rain; Intro Synth - Dream Weaver
Track 4 - Rhythm Guitar - Skyline
Track 6 - Lyrics - Metajoker
Track 10 - Vocals/Concept - Starlight Ironhoof; Guitar - Tarby
Track 11 - Drums - Brandon Snell

Art by Tsitra360 (tsitra360.deviantart.com)
Typography advising by HardCopy (hardestcopy.tumblr.com)
Tracklist Text - Kibbie the Great


all rights reserved



Cyril the Wolf Allentown, Pennsylvania

Connor Pelkey is a multi-instrumentalist & vocalist who enjoys creating a wide variety of music. Cyril the Wolf primarily focuses on Metal/Hard Rock with a Progressive slant. Lyrics range from thought-provoking to stories from worlds close to home, and far away. ... more

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