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by Cyril the Wolf

Searching... 02:27
Once in awhile, I look around Take some time to think about What I am, who I am, what I should do Am I as happy as I've told you? Am I who you thought you knew? I feel trapped inside myself and can't climb out. *chorus I need to find where I belong Or at least find out what's wrong Am I among my own kind Or have I been living a lie? It started when I saw the difference Witnessing my brothers' preference For violence and not kindness Questioning beliefs I've held For years and years I knew them well Is it my "family" or my friends that know the real me? *chorus Scattered light on a twilit horizon Guides me through the shadows I push on with a shattered spirit I hear your voices calling me home Your voices call me home I know where I belong I know what has been wrong I've been among my own kind It was my appearance that was a lie...
Stages 04:25
Time has come again for another lesson On my knees, hands together, tears fall in confession Soft candle light blooms but still illuminates A life building chronicle on which I will ruminate Don't underestimate the power and the force Brought forth by a voice, I can't determine the source Of course the idea is now that this voice will somehow Cause me to be the best so all will bow Split upon the rack of our own desires Turning on the spit of life's hot fire Passing a hurdle just brings us to the next The race isn't over until we've all met death Door opens with a groan, echoing thoughts I was alone This other person kneels, somber, past of sins to atone Should I reach out, is this what friendship is about? Why do I doubt, in other situations I would shout? Devout muscles start to tense, I close my eyes in a defense Another creak of the door, and now my hands are tightly clenched The Waxing candle glow reveals that on my other side A pink bow tied to a girl who's face has not dried... Chorus We're all in stages... Then the thought struck me that we're a holy trinity All of life encapsulated on the knees of us three The girl to my right, she represents the hope The desire to do more, to climb higher on the rope I'm in confusion, when I cannot climb higher Should I be honest, humble or a cheat and a liar? The person to my left has no more tears to be wept Inside him are shreds of lies and secrets he should've kept...
A tear in my eye Falls from the sky Is this my feeling Or is it projected on me? Tell me so I know Am I just a shadow My head hits the pillow Do I feel it Is it even real? Tell me so I know All the voices that surround me Want converts to their philosophy They speak for individuality But only for their narrow realities Nevermind I think I know
Stay true to yourself It's what they always say But there's more to honor No black or white: it's gray A selfless persona Clinging so it can't get away You live to serve those who've helped you What if you're in the way Chorus A kink in the armor Of the white knights Misguided children who are Always in fights Help those who don't need it All for your selfish pride Blind to the chaos you cause Unwanted hero who won't stand aside Sometimes you get beaten down and fried Chorus Like a snow on a summer day Blocking the warmth of the sun Not a needle in the hay b Chorus Always starting the fight...
Wake up to another day There's still some part that's gray Old or new there's always some pain Bringing the question "what's to gain" Chorus: Every time it seems there's peace... for awhile We seem to seek the things that bring us down in life we fight... We all want to win our wars Caught in your shell Your special personal hell Inside the walls you've raised Mirroring your own judging gaze Can't you see? You're your own enemy Chorus x2 If you think that you are better Then you should know that you have already lost the war
Change 03:34
Sun-beating down upon my back I walk barefoot on the sands The sweat stings my eyes And I'm blinded by the skies Why am I here, what does this mean Is this all just a terrible dream? Or is my mind telling me That this is what my life's become? Should I be changing? Get locked in to the system Hypnotized by imperfection Locked in a personal cage But your soul is telling yo u to change. They say expand upon the theme But kill your thoughts to help the team Take out problems on those you love Then they leave and now you're alone This happens more than we'd admit No one comes to start changing it Go insane, or decay with time Ask "is this what my life's become?" WE SHOULD BE CHANGING! Get locked in to the system Hypnotized by imperfection Locked in a personal cage But your soul is telling you to change. (Don't) Just do what you're told... WE ALL ARE CHANGING! Get locked in to the system Hypnotized by imperfection Locked in a personal cage But your soul is telling you to change.


While not all the music contained in this album was written in the last 6 months it all contributes toward an overarching unsettling feeling of Searching. Searching for what? That's up to you.

Originally I had a huge idea for a long concept album called change but I am BAD at gathering that stuff together so instead I decided to go for broke and just CREATE. Turns out my brain likes to meditate on things for a long time.

Special thanks to Forest Rain, Meelz, d.notive, Baschfire, Poni1Kenobi, Mbulsht, Tarby, Firenze and my beautiful fiancee. for making this album happen!. Couldn't have done it without your valuable friendship and support. Thanks to all you fans who enjoy my music, I still can't believe more than a dozen of you enjoy this stuff ;) I cannot thank you fans enough for your support.

This album will remain a buy it album but I will gradually start releasing it onto my YouTube and other outlets so you can stream it for free. I'm sorta poor at the moment and most of this money will be used to get me to my performances at Cons and maintaining my music equipment so I can continue making this noise for you all!


released February 17, 2013

All Instruments and Vocals - Cyril the Wolf
Album Art - ask-firenze.tumblr.com
Text - hardestcopy.tumblr.com


all rights reserved



Cyril the Wolf Allentown, Pennsylvania

Connor Pelkey is a multi-instrumentalist & vocalist who enjoys creating a wide variety of music. Cyril the Wolf primarily focuses on Metal/Hard Rock with a Progressive slant. Lyrics range from thought-provoking to stories from worlds close to home, and far away. ... more

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